Useful Chrome Extensions for Google+

This Post is same as Chrome Extensions For Facebook but the only change is that  Google+ Comes in place of Facebook,Although Plus is brand new there are quite a number of Extensions available on the Google Chrome Web store,Below are some chrome extensions that provide you a better Google+ Experience.

          The official +1 button extension lets you easily share any webpage with your friends and it also shows how many have shared the page.     

          Surplus lets you share and view your notification from a pop up menu.
          The Source code is available on Github.

        This handy Extension adds an option share posts on various popular networks and this button is displayed beside the share button below each post.
          This Extension Reminds me of  Fb photo zoom which zooms images on mouse over.
          This extension is similar to google translate but works right inside google+ so that you can translate any post in different languages.

          This useful extension does what its title suggests.
          Like to add a background to your Google+,then be sure to check out these Extension.


Think I've Missed some Extensions.
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