Time Saving Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Google Chrome is becoming  more popular among bloggers from around the web for its speed and extensibility and availability of many useful addons and extensions on chrome web store which make you more productive and saves your time.
As a blogger myself ,I take full advantage of these extensions for saving web pages,sharing content and taking screenshots.

colours used on webaroundme
Pendule is a collection of web developer tools and it comes with a variety of helpful options.
It shows the colours used on a web page and it also comes with a colour picker too.
Similar Extensions

SEO & Website Analysis

screenshot of woorank analyis extensionThis interesting extension by WooRank analyses a website and give a detailed seo report of that site.It also provide tips for better Seo and ranking in search engines and the major plus in this extension is that it gives a brief description of the topics that are being analysed.

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Awesome Screenshot       

Awesome ScreenshotThis awesome extension by Diigo lets to take screenshots with ease and annotate them with circle,rectangles and text and you can also save your screen shots on diigo,one this it lacks is that we cant take screenshots of flash content.

Similar Extensions

zemanta recommendation tool


Zemanta is a recommendation tool that helps you insert images and links related to your blog post and works with  many blogging and CMS platforms,Mainly Blogger user's will love this extension.
you can interlink and recommend your old blog posts which are related to the current post by going to preferences and adding your blog feed as a source.


ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that lets you post to different blogs like Wordpress,Blogger,Tumblr and other popular blog platforms at a time.

                                    Zemanta now integrates with ScribeFire.

Missing e.

Missing e. is a helpful tool that extends the functionality and has a variety of options to extend your tumblr dashboard,you can turn the features on or off via thew settings panel of Missing e.
missing e for tumblr

Similar Extensions

More Time Saving Chrome Extensions:

  1. Picnik-Add cool effects to your photos.
  2. Evernote Web Clipper-we are not robots to remember everything.
  3. Wisestamp-Easily add custom signature to email.
  4. Stay Focused-Concentrate on your blog,it makes you productive.
  5. BlogThis!-Post to you blogger powered blog from any webpage.
  6. Wordpress Stats-Get real time traffic statistics without logging into wordpress .                                       

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