How to share pictures with Friends

This Guest Post is by Vern Marker ,you can follow him on Twitter @vernmarker.

So much of our lives is being lived online. It’s no surprise that we are capturing moments through pictures and sharing them online at a rapid pace. Digital sharing of pictures is especially easy because of so many options to choose from. Sites offer a wide variety of storage capacity, cost, features and more. Mobile phones and extremely advanced digital cameras allow almost anyone to capture and share gorgeous photographs instantly.
When it comes to deciding, it’s important to consider everything you want when it comes to a photo sharing platform. Most sites allow you to share photos for free while those with higher storage capacity require a minimal fee. Additionally, each site has its own terms of use when it comes to privacy and the size of photographs allowed. Even more offer some type of organizing and editing features.
When it comes to transferring photographs, people use anything from flash drives, social networking, photo sharing platform sites and file sharing. Although flash drives are a viable option, more individuals are going to a cloud or Maytech because of their ability to share larger files with multiple other users. Here is a list of some of the most popular photo sharing methods:

Make sure to do research and fine a photo sharing platform that is best for you. You may ask your friends what they are using. Also consider the technology that you will be using, how often you will be sharing photographs and how easily you want them tagged and shared. For example, if you are using photo sharing socially from your smart phone, you may want to consider a platform such as Facebook or Google’s Picasa. These platforms are free and have applications that are available for download on your smart phone. This way, each individual picture may be transferred.
If you are a photographer or plan to take pictures on a digital camera and upload later, you may want to consider Flickr or PhotoBucket because they allow more flexibility when tagging and creating trackable and searchable albums online. Finally, if you are a business in need of transferring many, high-resolution photographs, you will want to find a secure file-sharing and transfer service. These services will allow you to send photographs and files to your clients or vendors in high volumes that would normally not be possible on typical photo-sharing platforms that typically have storage limits. Again, all of these solutions are great depending on what your needs may be.