Sites like Pinterest for Men

Male and Female user ratio on pinterest
There are many sites like Pinterest but this list is for men who think Pinterest is not for them,Pinterest might be the third largest social networking site but when it comes to percentage of male users it falls short in attracting them,according to recent statistics it has been found that more than 83% of pinterest users are women that means less pins about Gadgets,Gizmos and other geeky stuff and more about fashion,apparel and things that are difficult to define.ok,enough said and here is what you are looking for.

Sites like Pinterest for Men

Gentlemint-pinterest like site

Gentlemint-This site looks simple and is filled with serious manly stuff,Gentlemint requires an invite which you can get from your friend who have already started exploring this site or by sending your Email address.

Manteresting-site like pinterest
Manteresting-This image bookmarking site consists of  different things that men are interested in and you can also sign up via Facebook and Twitter.

Dudepins-pinterest like site
Dudepins-Dudepins is a online pinboard for men and it clearly resembles Pinterest in looks and the way it works but there isn't a large user engagement going on.

Dartitup-site like pinterest
Dartitup-Dartitup does come with a few extra tools like debates and challenges,Dart and Redart are used instead of Pin and Repin.

Punchpin-site like pinterest
Punchpin-Punchpin is another social media site for men just like pinterest with really cool stuff and awesome categories for Guys just like you.

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