Top 10 Blogger Templates for Photographers

Every artist needs a platform to showcase their talent and to get acknowledged by the world around them,you may be a professional photographer who uses a DSLR or just a casual photographer who takes beautiful photos just using a Phone or Tablet but without proper exposure to your Photos will not get the credit  they deserve.

The Internet is the best place to get exposure,you can create an online gallery to showcase your photos and for that you've got no better option than Blogger as it's a free and easy to use platform with features like multiple photo uploading with better picasa web albums integration and there are many well designed Blogger templates available to showcase your Photos.

Since the previous post Best Blogger Templates for Photography and Video blogs has got a huge response from our readers we have collected some more top Photography Templates from around the web.

Photography Blogger Template

 Pegasus Blogger Template 

Blogger Template for Photographers
 Primal Blogger Template 

Beautiful Blogger Photography Theme
 Queen Blogger Template 

photography blogger template gallery
 Glamour Neue Blogger Template 

Creative photo blogger tempate
 London Creative Blogger Template 

minimal photography blogger template
 Minimal Swiss Design Blogger Template 

blogger template with round images
 Circulos Blogger Template 

Elegant blogger photography template
 Galauness Blogger Template 

Blogger Template for Portfolio
 Portfolio Blogger Template 

Blogger Template Casual Photographers
 Sekapur Sirih Blogger Template 

This list is our Contribution to Photographers from all over the world celebrating World Photography Day today.

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