Here is the Best way to Play Angry Birds on Computer

Angry Birds is one of the most popular game around and many of you still play it all day long whether it might be your Home,school or even in your office.So for all the Angry Birds Fans out there,here is an Interesting way to play your favorite game on your Computer.

Super Angry Birds Controller

 The Super Angry Birds USB controller gives you the real feel of playing Angry Birds as it stimulates the feedback of a slingshot and it is very easy to control,you can pull,adjust the angle and release the bird with the slingshot like controller and a TNT box with a push down handle lets you use special power of the bird.

Pull the Trigger.
Release the Trigger.

Push-down the handle on the TNT box to use special power of the bird.

This Angry Birds Controller is made by Students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and behind this easy to use controller lies the extreme hard work and intelligence of Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz.

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