Best Social Media Icons with Pinterest and Google+

We add our Social Media links on Blogs,Email signatures and in every possible place on the Internet where we can expose our online identity and connect with different people,The trend of adding social media links has started with the widespread popularity of Twitter and Facebook followed by many other popular Sites like YouTube Linkedin Tumblr and Stumbleupon.

Since Pinterest and Google+ are the latest entries in this list you may not find as many Social Media Icons as that of Facebook Twitter or Linkedin.

For example you may search Google for Social Media Icons and download a few but if the Icon Package that you've downloaded doesn't include the essential Pinterest or Google+ Icons then you need to again search for them but this time your search query goes like this "Social Media Icons with Pinterest and Google+" and this page pops up somewhere in the search pages and you get what you are looking for.A Happy ending to your long search for Social Media Icons isn't it?

So Here's a list of some best looking Social Media Icons which include Pinterest and Google+ Icons.

social media Icons pinterest google+
 Relay Social Icon Set by designdeck
social icons stained and faded
 Free Stained and Faded Social Media Icons 

round social icon set
 15 Social Media Icons 

Grid social icons pinterest google+
 Slick Grid Style Free Social Media Icon Set 

round social icons pinterest google+
 Somicro: 29 Social Media Icons 

simple social media icons
 Stucco Social Media Icon Set
small social media icons
 41 Social Media Icons
rectangle social media icons
 Rectangle Social Media Icons 

pixel social media icons
 Pixel Social Icons 

Social Icon Set with Pinterest and Google+
 Stylish Social Icon Set

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