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best domain name generators

 The first place people like you and me search for Domain Names is the Dictionary since most of the Popular Domain names are extracted from the dictionary and the others are just mash up of user friendly keywords put together like Face+Book=Facebook.

If you are looking for a domain name in the dictionary the chances that you find a good domain name on a dictionary these days are less and even though if your manage to  finding a name,it might be already taken or put up for auction already.

I am saying this because i have experienced that "The domain you are looking for is already taken" situation and after a well search for a good Domain on the Internet for one week i finally found what i was looking for and I am sharing with you the best ways to find a domain Name.

Domain Name Generator

Domain name generators are what most people find an easy way to generate domain name since they not only generate a Good Domain Name based on your keyword but they also provide only the Domains which are available to buy.Some Domain Name Generators even find the best priced domain for you.


List of Some Best Domain Name Generators

What if you find a great domain name and after registering you may look for the availability of usernames on social Networking Sites like Facebook,Google+ and Twitter  for the Domain Name you've purchased recently and you know very well the importance of having a good social profile and without a similar username the people will get confused and your wont gain any reputation so,to avoid this there is a tool called  KnowEm which searches for the domain names along with the availability of same username on major social networks across the internet.

If you frequently search for Domain Names then its better to add this Domain Name Generator to your iGoogle Page

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