Best Twitter Apps to find what's Trending on Twitter

Twitter Apps: Want to find whats trending on Twitter? then here are the best ways to know which topics are trending on twitter other than the default Twitter trends.

People are always curious to what others are talking whether it's about the pie they ate or the movie they watched last night and now those conversations have started to happen on Twitter.

So,they want a better way to track whats happening on Twitter in order to stay updated and share their views on the topic's that are trending otherwise we can say "Share what you know and know what you want".

There is a saying that words are sharper than swords and now in the age of twitter that can be rewritten as 140 characters are enough to screw you.

Best Apps for Twitter Trends


1) What the Trend


app for twitter trends what the trend


 With this interesting tool  you can know what is trending on twitter and can even submit your own  trending topics. 


2) Hashtags


twitter trending topics-hashtags

Hashtags are used to indicate which topic the tweet belongs to and the more number of times a hashtag is used for a particular topic indicates the popularity of  it and this tool tracks and presents all those trending topics at one place.

3) Twitscoop

twitter trends-Twitscoop

Twitscoop is a twitter tool that lets you search and follow hot trends on Twitter.

4) Monitter

real time twitter trends monitter

With Monitter you can track multiple topics trending on twitter in real time.

5) Twirus


twitter trends in countries twirus

Twirus is a twitter app that lets you track twitter trends is different countries and languages.

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