10 New Windows 8 Tutorials to use Windows 8 Efficiently

Want to use Windows 8 efficiently and make use of the full features of this OS?,Here is a list of best tutorials to use Windows 8 to its full potential.

Roundup of best Windows 8 tutorials 

Disable the Windows 8 lock screen - View Tutorial

Take Screen Shots in Windows 8 - View Tutorial

Shut Down Windows 8 In Just One Click - View Tutorial 

Turn your Windows 8 PC Into a Wireless Hotspot - View Tutorial

Add Search to Context Menu in Windows 8 - View Tutorial

Watch DVDs on your Windows 8 PC - View Tutorial

Resize, Group & Manage App Tiles In Windows 8 Start Screen - View Tutorial

Open Device Manager in Windows 8 - View Tutorial

Use Skype on Windows 8 - View Tutorial 

Use IE8 in Windows 8 - View Tutorial