Reasons Why Windows 8 Sucks

Windows 8, It's a large overhaul from Microsoft, representing the largest modification to the platform in its entire history, and comes with a raft of spectacular new options that would well attractiveness to businesses. However, there is no guarantee Microsoft can succeed, despite its dominance within the enterprise market, because it faces a troublesome market and also the extent of the overhaul might cause issues for several long-time users.

With this in mind, we've come back up with the highest 5 reasons why Windows 8 may kicked into the long grass by organizations.

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No Start button.

Protip for laptop users: in Desktop mode, slide the pointer down into the lower-left corner. an image of the fashionable begin screen can appear. Ignore it, and right-click instead to state a giant list of desktop choices, as well as Run and instrument panel choices that assist you avoid the fashionable start screen the maximum amount as doable. It’s no start button replacement, however it’ll get you by.

Windows eight sucks with a mouse

This is often a giant one. Navigating around Windows eight with a mouse flat-out sucks, and it’s combined by the operative system’s less-than-streamlined style. The far-ranging Live Tiles on the beginning screen need way more scrolling than Windows 7′s neat and compact begin button. Right-click choices suck too, showing at the lowest of Windows 8 apps instead of wherever you’ve clicked. Closing an app needs clicking at its high, then dragging it all the way down to the lowest of the screen; simple on a tablet, An annoyance with a mouse.

Lousy multitasking

Automaton and iPad homeowners can love Windows 8′s Snap feature, that docks a Windows eight app to at least one facet of the screen and permits you to run a second app within the remaining seventy five p.c of the show. PC users engrained in having a half-dozen windows open right away can hate it. luckily, you'll still resized open windows to your heart’s content in desktop mode.

Wherever are the apps

Microsoft bet the farm on its move to a mobile-friendly interface, and every one of it — snapping apps, Live Tiles, the fashionable interface — critically depends on having a sturdy Windows eight app scheme. That scheme simply is not there nevertheless. The Windows Store solely has around 5,000 apps offered. many standouts aside, the overwhelming majority of these apps are trivial time wasters or net apps shoehorned into a Windows app shell.

The lack of apps

The lack of apps forces you to chiefly keep in desktop mode, that feels plenty like Windows seven, missing Start button aside. however that begs the billion greenback question for Microsoft: If desktop users pay most of their time making an attempt to urge Windows eight to behave like Windows seven, why shouldn’t they solely stick to Windows 7?

Looking at windows history and interface this terms can be look like advance feature and can fascinate in early use but moving further with windows 8 can be a panic experience.

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