Some Top Five Gaming Laptops for Techies !

The playing Games on your lap top is always a wonderful and a mind boggling experiences and now  you have techies who have  designed  gaming lap top with amazing features.  Lap top is a highly portable gadget, which you can carry with during traveling and even enjoy playing outdoors with your friends. If you happen to be among passionate gamers, gaming lap top is a new technology, which you can buy at the affordable rates. Let’s talk about top five gaming lap top:

  1. Toshiba QOSMIO X 505-Q898 is a beautiful lap top, with outstanding feature and performance and comes with Blue Ray Drive. It has a very elegant and pleasing screen along sleek design to fit in wherever you wish to.

    The massive 18.4” screen comes with native resolution of 1920X1080 and display high resolution visual effect for playing exciting games. The 1.5 GB Nvidia Ge Force GTX460 M brings great clarity to video along with high capacity li-on battery which works for nearly 3. 77 hours. When it comes to price, the lap top is available at a tag of $ 1,999.

  2. Alliance M 17 X: This is an amazingly fast and highly configured lap top from Dell Alliance a noted lap top manufacturer. This lap top is designed for playing hard core games and intense application. Beside this, you can find this gadget with latest i 7 and core i 5 processors featuring Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

    The storage capacity of its hard disc is 750 GB with wi-fi connectivity. The system comes with two USB 3 ports and HDMI PORT and is powered by powerful battery for longer life.  The price of this lap top is about 5,784 $ which is comparatively costlier for the several features and amenities provided in the system which assures you of it prolonged working life.

  3. Rock Extreme 780X 9100 The gaming lap top sports the new Intel r Core 2 Extreme processors and comes to you with latest gaming technologies. The Rock (Rock Direct) is a leading lap top manufacturer of UK and has recently acquired Stone Group, which is also a leading manufacturer of hardware and lap top.  The company has a reputation of bringing latest of innovative and state of art lap top technology to its customers. The company is very well placed in Europe Price: The set comes in price range of about 2,300 sterling pound or about 4210 $.
  4. Galaxy P-7811 FX is an inexpensive alternative to many gaming lap top. If you are looking for a good gaming machine, then this gadget would be a wonderful option. The CPU provided in the laptop is around 2.2 GHz with Intel core Duo P 8400 and bears a memory of 4 GB, 667 MHz DDR 3. To add, hard Drive is much stronger of 200 GB 7200 rpm.

    The Graphics Nvidia Ge Force 9800 GTS does all good to the visual clarity along with the Microsoft WINDOW Premium (64 bit) operating system. When it comes to display, it is broad enough measuring, 17.1 inches HD 1920 x120 and weights about 9 lbs. The lap top is available for about 1449$.

  5. Sager NP 9262: this gaming note book has been built on Clevo D 900C/D901C is world’s first quad core gaming laptop. This exclusive laptop is featured with high end gaming specs. Moreover, the CPU integrated in this machine is Intel core 2 quad processor Q 9650/ 12 MB L2 Cache 3.0 ghz, 1333 mhz FSB.

    The most exciting part of this gaming machine is that it contains a giant memory 8GB with 64 bit edition of windows vista. While examining the hard drive of this machine you will 320 GB hard drive with 7200 rpm SATA 300.  For giving a crystal clear view, Sager NP 9262bears graphics of dual Nvidia Ge Force, 9800 m GTX Graphics with 1 GB DDR3 video memory in SLI mode. The price of this machine is 5, 879 USD.

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