Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Twitter-Analysing Followers,Trends,Tweets Efficiently

Twitter is a great platform for carrying out conversations and if you are a Company who wants to track their brands influence on twitter then you much take advantage of these Social Media tools for monitoring twitter.

location based twitter trends tools

Social media monitoring tools let companies or individuals connect better with their customers or followers effectively by helping and giving complete information by tracking and analyzing their online life.

Twitter trends are the hot topics that are currently being discussed  by the twitter community across the world you can follow that trends directly from your twitter profile

The tools listed below let you monitor twitter trends and what your followers are saying about you on twitter.

Social Media Monitoring Tools for Twitter


Twitalyzer  Twitalyzer gives a complete report of your Twitter account and is suitable for big companies tracking and analysing their brand on twitter.


Followerwonk  Followerwonk is a App from  SeoMoz  that give a complete graph of twittr users and followers. is a community manager tool that helps you manage your relations on twitter and many popular brands like Cisco,Sony and hp are using this tool for managing their twitter relationships.

Twittercounter  Twitter Counter is a simple way to analyze and get instant stats of a twitter profile.


Trendsmap and NearbyTweets  Both these free location based twitter apps lets you analyze  twitter trends in your location.

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